For father’s day, I got a handheld GPS (a Lowrance iFinder H2O). Actually, I got it a little early, so we had a chance to play with it this weekend. It had some nice features, but it proved a little difficult to operate (as well as a couple quirky problems), so we returned it.

Before we did, Rhonda looked up a few Geocaching locations. We got close, but didn’t find either one.

After returning the Lowrance, we bought a Garmin unit, which was about half the size but seemed much more accurate. The best “estimated error” I noticed on the Lowrance was about 35 feet, but when I was looking for one cache in a relatively open area, the EPE was closer to 100 feet. With the Garmin, driving home in the car, it was regularly near 20 feet.

We haven’t had a chance to really exercise the Garmin, but I’m sure we will…

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