I was reading Erin’s blog (prompted by bad news about Dale and Kim, who could use your prayers), and her story about her future footballerina reminded me of a game the girls play.

It started this spring, when we were in the park to get some pictures taken. The park had a man-made pond in the middle, but the shape of the pond, like the park, was long and skinny — a bit like a river in places. At some point, I refered to the water by one name (maybe pond); Eden raised her voice and responded “No, River!”.

So here it is six months later, and while we’re driving down the road (usually past some water), I’ll hear from the back seat “No, River!” What follows then is a debate suggesting various bodies of water:

  • No, Ocean!
  • No, Bay!
  • No, Sea!

Rhonda and I try to throw out new ones every time, so the list has grown to include terms like inlet and sound, among others.

It’s funny hearing a 2 year old and a 4 year old debate terminology.

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