No, River!

I was reading Erin’s blog (prompted by bad news about Dale and Kim, who could use your prayers), and her story about her future footballerina reminded me of a game the girls play.

It started this spring, when we were in the park to get some pictures taken. The park had a man-made pond in the middle, but the shape of the pond, like the park, was long and skinny — a bit like a river in places. At some point, I refered to the water by one name (maybe pond); Eden raised her voice and responded “No, River!”.

So here it is six months later, and while we’re driving down the road (usually past some water), I’ll hear from the back seat “No, River!” What follows then is a debate suggesting various bodies of water:

  • No, Ocean!
  • No, Bay!
  • No, Sea!

Rhonda and I try to throw out new ones every time, so the list has grown to include terms like inlet and sound, among others.

It’s funny hearing a 2 year old and a 4 year old debate terminology.

Carolina Snow

All day yesterday they were saying a huge winter storm was coming. Part of me expected it to be all hype and no substance, but when we woke this morning our cars and yards were covered with a blanket of snow. There was only a dusting on the street, but so far the forecast was accurate. We’re supposed to start off with an inch or two of snow, then switch over to sleet and freezing rain. The sleet started by 9am.

Here’s a clip from the National Weather Service forecast:


We sold a house!

Well, after nearly 9 years on Partridge Cross Lane, we closed the sale on the house today with a wonderful couple from Massachusetts. They got a house that appraised for more than the purchase price, and we made a decent profit (enough to pay off a good chunk of the debt we’ve accumulated over the past few years). So we will no longer have 4 mortgages on two houses — just 2 mortgages on the lake shack (until we start building on the property my parents own, but we haven’t figured out the details of that yet).

In addition, we got away from the mean guy at the end of the block. Just knowing we’ll never have to face him again is a great feeling. It’s a shame that to feel that way about another human being, but he has earned the nickname “Stupid” and I’m glad we’ve moved away.

We’re living in a rental for now, while we figure out exactly what to build at the lake. We sent our initial ideas for the floorplan to the architect, but this is the first time I’ve ever built a custom home so I don’t know how long the process will take. Our current lease is good until the end of June, but we may need to extend it.

Eraser Magic

Serena almost got herself in big trouble this weekend. She found a Sharpie permanent marker and decided to draw a few circles on the oak dining table. After a few moments of panic, we grabbed for any cleaning products we could find — baby wipes, wet washcloths, Windex — but after a few minutes of scrubbing nothing was working.

Then I remembered that Rhonda bought a box of Magic Erasers. Rhonda got one first, wet it, and as soon as she started scrubbing the marks instantly began to vanish. I ran over and grabbed another, since the other cleaning materials were completely ineffective. Within a minute or two we had all of the marks removed. We were amazed.

Show me the cache!

For father’s day, I got a handheld GPS (a Lowrance iFinder H2O). Actually, I got it a little early, so we had a chance to play with it this weekend. It had some nice features, but it proved a little difficult to operate (as well as a couple quirky problems), so we returned it.

Before we did, Rhonda looked up a few Geocaching locations. We got close, but didn’t find either one.

After returning the Lowrance, we bought a Garmin unit, which was about half the size but seemed much more accurate. The best “estimated error” I noticed on the Lowrance was about 35 feet, but when I was looking for one cache in a relatively open area, the EPE was closer to 100 feet. With the Garmin, driving home in the car, it was regularly near 20 feet.

We haven’t had a chance to really exercise the Garmin, but I’m sure we will…

Eden is one!

We survived to her first birthday! 🙂

So much has been happening, it’s hard to keep up. Eden is saying key words — like mommy, daddy, and bubba (which is baby-talk for bottle, it’s not what she calls me). She’s walking and crawling up stairs (if we open the gate at the bottom).

And she’s a firecracker. She hates having her diaper changed; if she’s not adequately distracted, she’ll squirm everywhere and cry/scream. If she wants to get up (or down), she’ll let you know — usually loudly, sometimes by arching and thrashing. She screams at Serena if she can’t get something she wants, and she’s been known to pull Serena’s hair. She tends to get away with it (we’ll try to get her to stop, but I don’t think she gets it). When Serena pushes her down (and makes her cry) Serena usually gets in trouble (and understands that she’s in trouble). It’s hard to be fair, because Serena should know better (at least I think she should — we’ve told her so many times), but she gets whiny when Eden is in her face and she can’t do anything to stop her.

I would write more, but it’s time for bed. I’ve realized I’m not enough of a writer to keep this blog up to date. When I get to the end of a long day, and the girls are in bed, I don’t have the energy or the concentration to sit down and write. I’d rather surf the internet or play with tech toys (web sites or programming new languages like Ruby). I’ll try to write more, but I’m not making any promises…

Happy Thanksgiving!

We stayed in town for the holiday. We met Rhonda’s friend Lisa and her family at Cracker Barrel for a late lunch. It was kinda nice — we had a big round table in the corner, the kids behaved, and the food was good. The special included turkey, a little ham, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, cornbread & biscuits, and a tasty piece of pumpkin pie. Not quite “home cookin’“, but the way we cook that’s a good thing.

Surprisingly, we were in & out of there pretty quickly. When we arrived shortly after 1pm, there were cars everywhere, and the porch was filled with people waiting for tables. We put our name on the list and were told the wait would be an hour. I was afraid of what the little ones would be in to with an hour to kill, but the rocking chairs kept them busy and our table was ready in about 45 minutes.

Once seated, we all decided to get the special. That probably helped speed things along, because they served us more quickly than I expected. Even taking our time to eat (including dessert), we were out of there by 3:00. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food — I know I did.

Since it was a warm day (sunny, mid-60s), we went down to the lake to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. In the shade, with a steady breeze, I wished I had a light jacket, but I was fairly comfortable in my short-sleeved shirt.

We came home and relaxed for the rest of the day. Eden went to bed a little earlier than usual (and will probably be up with the crazy shoppers at 5am). Serena got her bath then watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special before going to bed shortly after 8:30 (which is also early for her).

In all, a very nice day, and for that I give thanks.