Serena almost got herself in big trouble this weekend. She found a Sharpie permanent marker and decided to draw a few circles on the oak dining table. After a few moments of panic, we grabbed for any cleaning products we could find — baby wipes, wet washcloths, Windex — but after a few minutes of scrubbing nothing was working.

Then I remembered that Rhonda bought a box of Magic Erasers. Rhonda got one first, wet it, and as soon as she started scrubbing the marks instantly began to vanish. I ran over and grabbed another, since the other cleaning materials were completely ineffective. Within a minute or two we had all of the marks removed. We were amazed.

One thought on “Eraser Magic

  1. Hey, I found you!~ Those Magic Erasers are amazing things. Also, a thought I had on your caching post, I don’t know if you have ever heard of letterboxing, but it is fun also. It is kind of the low-tech version. A web search and you can usually find a few in your area. I have a blog on Xanga in the Struska ring (they said I could infiltrate their ranks). I look forward to checking up on you now and then here. Love ya’ Erin

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