I forgot to write about this last week, but Serena earned a trip to the emergency room by sticking sunflower seeds up her nose.

I saw her one day with a seed partially inserted in her nostril. I removed it and told her not to do that, then didn’t think any more of it. A day or two later, Rhonda caught her putting a seed up her nose. Upon further investigation, she discovered several more that she removed with tweezers. She reached a point where she couldn’t see any more, but Serena wasn’t cooperative enough for her to be sure that she had gotten them all, so she headed to the urgent care. When she was signing in there, the doctor suggested that the hospital was better equipped to handle the situation since they had some sort of suction device they could use to extract any remaining seeds.

Details beyond that are spotty (Rhonda didn’t want to talk much about it), but at the hospital they didn’t find any more seeds, so further extraction was not necessary. The doctor sent her home with a prescription for antibiotics.

One thought on “Planting seeds

  1. My dad frequently [told] my sister, brother, and I “don’t put beans up your nose!”. We thought he was just trying to be funny. It did make us wonder, though.

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