We went to the lake today. We grabbed fast food on the way and ate lunch there. The weather was a little better than it has been — the temperature was below 90, and the humidity wasn’t oppressive.

After lunch we decided to take advantage of the weather and go for canoe rides. Rhonda went first, taking Serena for her first canoe ride. She paddled over near the Latta shore, even getting a good glimpse at a Heron. It started raining while they were out, so I thought they were going to get drenched, but by the time I took the camera back into the house, it had stopped raining.

When they returned, Rhonda and I traded places, and Serena and I went out the other way (still toward Latta, but then up toward the area where Gar Creek empties into the lake). The water level was really low, so I didn’t dare go too far up toward the creek.

After returning to shore, I had to relax for a bit (it felt much hotter then I thought it was earlier). Later, I went over to look at the pontoon boat that came with the neighboring property, which my parents bought in June. The floating dock had broken free a few months ago, with the boat attached, and at the time I attached it to the pier to keep it from floating away. Since then, the rising and dropping water levels have used the boat to slowly pull the pillars out of the lake bed. I’ll have to get a sledge hammer and see if I can drive them back in, but that’s a job for another day. Today, I detatched the boat from the floating dock. I attached the floating dock to the pier, but I don’t know if it will stay there — I’ll probably pull it out of the water next week. Then I took the boat and, using a lone canoe paddle, moved it over to the floating dock on our property, which is in better shape.

Now we need to get an estimate for repairs and decide whether it’s worth fixing or if we should just sell it.

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